We see beauty as a play on two fronts: today and tomorrow.

Originally inspired by a Greek sunset, our goal is to help everyone experience the same sense of warmth and positivity that comes from its golden hour glow. With IOAN products, you can achieve a radiant look reminiscent of a summer evening in an instant, all while maintaining long-lasting skin support.

Across our range, we bridge science and real life, and build on our respective expertise, to develop effective beauty and care solutions tailored to your intimate needs. Because no matter the years, we want you to embrace, nurture and celebrate the skin you’re in. To feel confident and strong, at ease, and ready to get on. In essence, we want you to beam, shine, glow, and radiate — inside out!

Because every age is golden, and every day is prime.

Jani Kazaltzis - Jens Fissers - IOAN - founders


We dedicated over two years to the development of IOAN, as we sought to create a product that would infuse the skin with the feeling of a golden hour sunset. This vision drove us to develop a formula that would provide a radiant glow and enhance the face's natural beauty.

Jani: having worked in the public eye for over 20 years, I desired to develop a product that would provide immediate results. I aimed to create a solution that would minimize the appearance of pores, grant a healthy radiance, and add a touch of color, without appearing overly made up. My vision was to produce a natural-looking product that would elicit an instant "wow" effect.

Jens: I hold a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences and have a profound interest in the field of dermatology. It was crucial to me that Jani's requirements were met with a product that provided long-lasting skincare benefits. Given my desire to minimize the number of steps required in a skincare regimen, I dedicated significant research towards developing a solution that combined numerous active ingredients into a single formula. As a result, our journey to create a product that would nourish, hydrate, combat signs of aging, and impart a healthy radiance spanned more than two years. It brings me immense joy that we have ultimately achieved success in our endeavors.

We truly believe that radiant, healthy-looking skin is the epitome of youthfulness We embrace our age, and we love who we are. We don’t fight our skin. We give it love so it can shine. IOAN is for everybody. Men, women, he/she/them.

We are honest

and blunt -

we don’t



We hold the belief that showing respect for our planet and its people is an ongoing process toward improvement. As such, our commitment to sustainability involves continual adjustments and modifications to ensure that we are making ethical and conscious choices for beauty. Our primary objective is to minimize our environmental impact, which extends beyond mere packaging and labeling. In order to accomplish this goal, we prioritize ethical decision-making throughout the sourcing and manufacturing process, and maintain a long-term commitment to giving back to Earth.

In terms of ingredient selection, we strive to utilize a high percentage of natural ingredients, without compromising the efficacy of our products. We are constantly developing our formulas, with the aim of incorporating even more natural ingredients. Our approach combines the benefits of science with the advantages of nature.



To minimize waste, we opt for glass containers over recycled plastic and use recycled packaging for shipments. Our goal is to produce aesthetic, functional packaging that can be reused and recycled indefinitely.

All development and manufacturing processes take place in Belgium, close to our home. As a brand committed to the present and future, we will continue pushing ourselves to make the best choices for our customers and the environment.

Skincare that

listens, adapts

and empowers.

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