How was IOAN founded?

Please read more about our heritage on our About page.

What does IOAN stand for?

IOAN was born out of both founders’ names, Jani and Jens. Both names descend from saint John the Baptist and in Greek both names translate to Ioannis, a reference to Jani’s Greek roots. We abbreviated Ioannis to IOAN.

How is IOAN different from other beauty brands?

All IOAN products offer an instant glow with lasting care; at once a quick fix that defies the cardinal beauty rule of remote benefits, and a purveyor of long-term skin support, each IOAN product is a play on two fronts: today, and tomorrow. 

Furthermore, all IOAN products are built on a rigorous research & development process, including a careful selection of effective ingredients, and approved by real bodies and faces — on the set, and on the go — IOAN is a skincare solution that sits between lab and spotlight. 

Where can I buy IOAN?

IOAN is available right here, on Please see our Shipping & Returns page to double-check if we ship to your country.

IOAN is not available at retail stores just yet, but hopefully soon. 

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

All discounts/promotions are announced via our social channels and newsletters. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you haven't already so that you can be kept up to date and receive subscriber-exclusive deals.


What is the expiry date of the products?

You can find the expiry date at the bottom of the primary and secondary packaging. 

How should I store the products?

Ideally in a cool, dry place with droppers screwed on tightly. Although we use highly stable formulas, it's always a good idea to avoid direct sunlight, heat, and air exposure with any beauty product to ensure optimal quality.

My skin is very reactive. Is IOAN suitable for me?

All of our products are formulated with a sensitive skin in mind, and are designed to be gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. This is achieved by avoiding any unnecessary or aggressive ingredients that may cause inflammation or irritation, in line with IOAN's philosophy.

However, it's important to recognize that everyone's skin is unique and may react negatively to certain ingredients. For instance, some individuals may be sensitive to natural ingredients like essential oils or fruit extracts. As a result, we display the full list of product ingredients on our website, allowing customers to make an informed decision prior to purchase.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that all our products our dermatologically tested and evaluated with patch tests but even the gentlest ingredients can cause a reaction in certain individuals. For this reason, we strongly recommend patch testing a small amount of the product on the inner wrist area to determine its compatibility with your skin prior to use.

Do IOAN products contain fragrance?

Our products use fragrance, but this is 100% natural and hypoallergenic.

Do IOAN products contain parabens or silicones?

IOAN products do not contain parabens or silicones, but these ingredients are generally considered safe for use in cosmetics. Parabens were once widely used as preservatives in cosmetics and have been criticized for their alleged link to health concerns. However, studies on their safety are conflicting. Similarly, claims that silicones cause skin concerns have not been substantiated. Silicones form a permeable barrier that offers protection against moisture loss and provides numerous benefits to the skin. Overall, parabens and silicones are effective and versatile ingredients that benefit the skin and are safe to use.

Why did you choose for Disodium EDTA in your product?

Disodium EDTA is a salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid and is primarily used in cosmetics as a chelating agent to enhance the stability of formulas and make the job of preservatives easier. In our formula it prevents ingredients from binding with trace elements that can be present in water or other ingredients. Disodium EDTA is also used as a food additive. Several studies have found that disodium EDTA is safe for use in cosmetic products and is not a skin sensitizer, carcinogen, or able to penetrate through the skin.

Why did you choose for bismuth oxychloride in your product?

Bismuth oxychloride is a powder produced synthetically by combining natural elements such as water, chlorine, and bismuth. Bismuth, which is the only non-toxic heavy metal, undergoes a multi-step purification process before being used in cosmetics and skincare. However, if Bismuth Oxychloride is exposed to the skin in large amounts, it may cause allergic reactions like many other ingredients. For instance, when used as a base or in high concentrations in mineral-based powder foundations, allergic reactions are possible. In contrast, the risk of an allergic reaction is highly unlikely in our Golden Hour serum (1.9%) since the concentration of this ingredient is very low. Our choice of bismuth oxychloride platelets was driven by its ability to provide a smooth texture and a fantastic radiance that cannot be matched by any other product in the market. Besides, bismuth oxychloride is safe in the typical concentrations used in cosmetics, and the FDA has approved it as a safe ingredient for use in face, eye, lip, and nail products. Cosmetics formulated with bismuth oxychloride are comfortable to wear and provide a great look and feel on the skin with long-lasting performance.

Do you use Phenoxyethanol?

Phenoxyethanol is a preservative that kills bacteria and is safe in concentrations up to 1%. We believe that this ingredient is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of all active ingredients in our skincare products. It is absolutely not dangerous, but some people may have an allergic reaction to this ingredient, just as some people may be allergic to apples, for example.

Do you use Titanium dioxide?

Titanium dioxide (CI 77891) is a vegan, non-toxic, and overall safe to be used in cosmetics. Its particles are large enough to not penetrate healthy skin and pose any dangers. Titanium dioxide is only dangerous if inhaled and has shown an increased risk of lung cancer in animals. Some skin apps unrightfully give this ingredient a bad rating in our opinion. 

Do you use denaturated alcohol?

In order to dissolve and stabilize certain ingredients, our Golden Hour serum contains a small amount of denatured alcohol. Although denatured alcohol is known to be a drying type of synthetic alcohol that can irritate skin and weaken its barrier if used in concentrations of 10% or greater by depleting or improperly reorganizing vital skin lipids, the concentration in our product is much lower (0.5% to dissolve our curcuma extract). As a result, it is unlikely to cause any adverse effects.

Tanning hotline

How do I apply the Extra Sun instant tanning drops?

Blend 1 or 2 drops with your favorite moisturizer or serum. Mix and apply evenly to your face and neck. We recommend using the Golden Hour serum and the Extra Sun tanning drops together because the mineral pigments were developed to perfectly match each other. 

How many drops do I add to my moisturizer/serum?

The active ingredients in the Extra Sun are very concentrated. Start with 1 drop for a subtle bronzed glow. Gradually build up to 2-3 drops depending on the desired tan strength. 

How does the Extra Sun work?

The Extra Sun tanning drops work in 3 ways. First of all they are enriched with natural caramel-colored minerals for an immediate effect. Secondly, DHA, in combination with dimethyl isosorbide, erythrulose, and several powerful antioxidants, provides an even, smooth, and long-lasting natural skin color. This skin browning effect is a result of a Maillard reaction. DHA reacts chemically with the amino acids in the protein keratin, the major component of the skin surface. The resulting pigments are called melanoidins and these are similar in coloration to melanin, the natural substance in the deeper skin layers which brown or "tan", from exposure to UV rays.

Lastly, the product also includes a combination of acetyl tyrosine and extract of the Monk's pepper berries, which accelerate and enhance skin pigmentation. This helps to prolong, maximize, and accelerate your tan. Gradually building up a natural, healthy-looking tan without exposure to the sun is made possible with Extra Sun tanning drops.

How long does the tan from the Extra Sun last?

Once the darkening effect has occurred, the tan will not sweat off or wash away with soap or water. It will fade gradually over 3 to 4 days.  If you want to stay tanned you can safely build with extra drops of the Extra Sun. Exfoliation with AHA, prolonged water submersion, or heavy sweating can lighten the tan, as these all contribute to rapid dead skin cell exfoliation.

Do I wash off the color of the Extra Sun when I use a cleanser?

Partly, you will remove the pigments from the instant effect but you will not remove the color obtained from the DHA. 

How long do I have to wait to shower after applying the Extra Sun?

Best to wait 3 hours for the DHA to do its work. 

Does the Extra Sun leave brown on my hands?

This can be the case even if you don’t see it at first. Best to wash your hands with water and soap after using the drops. 

Can all skin colors use the Extra Sun?

Yes, the DHA matches with your own skin tone. 

Does the extra sun protect me against the sun?

No the self-tanning effect does not, we repeat, does not offer any type of sun protection. Always use sun screen on top of it. 

Does the Extra Sun cause hyperpigmentation?

No, DHA or any other of the ingredients do not cause hyperpigmentation. DHA only reacts with the top layer of your skin (stratum corneum), this reaction is only temporary and optical. The monk’s pepper berries extract only stimulates melanin production in a slow and controlled manner. 


Are your products safe to use?

Our products are 100% safe to use and dermatologically tested. We use gentle and effective ingredients that are not harmful to our planet, animals, or human beings. We choose not to be a "free from" brand since natural & synthetic ingredients can be equally toxic. We use the latest scientific evidence to guide us when formulating our products. We don't use any unnecessary ingredients. We make sure that our synthetic and natural ingredients are present in the right doses, so they can do their work while remaining perfectly safe.

Is the packaging made of sustainable materials?

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. All our paper-based packaging is made of FSC-certified paper from sustainably managed forests; we work with glass bottles and jars that are fully recyclable; we work with refillable cups in our products where possible, only refills are available for purchase; and we are continuously looking for ways to improve our packaging by working with more recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials.

Where are your products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured in Belgium, where IOAN HQ is based as well.

Do you offer all-natural products?

Although our products contain natural ingredients, they are not 100% natural. Our products are 100% vegan. We never communicate or promote our products to be 100% natural. However, we promise that our products are created with as many ingredients from natural origin as possible. We always choose natural alternatives where possible. The decision to include certain synthetic ingredients in our formulas is based on our belief that the result and the function of a product are just as important as the ingredients.

Are your products animal-friendly and/or tested on animals?

All IOAN products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

Shipping & returns

Which countries do you ship to?

Please see the complete list of countries we ship to on our Shipping & Returns page.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Please see the approximate shipping durations on our Shipping & Returns page.

Do you ship to Africa/Asia/South America/Australia/New Zealand/Russia/Middle East?

No, we, unfortunately, don't ship to these regions yet. Please note we're working hard to make this possible in the future.

Can I return my order?

Yes, you can return your unused and unopened IOAN products free of charge within 14 days after the shipment's arrival date. Please consult our returns policy and instructions on our Shipping & Returns page.

I think my package is lost, what do I do?

We always strive to provide the best possible service. In case your package was lost, or you received it damaged, please reach out to so we can help you as soon as possible.

Why don’t you ship worldwide?

We are working on it and hope to expand our shipping reach shortly.


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

- Bancontact

- ApplePay

- Mastercard


- Paypal

- American Express

Other credit cards are not accepted but can possibly be added to a PayPal account, after which you can then pay your order on our website using PayPal.

In what currency can I pay for my order?

IOAN is an EU website; all payments will be handled in Euros.

Will I have to pay import duties?

If you placed an order from the EU on our EU website, you would not have to pay import duties to receive your order.

There is a possibility that you might have to pay import duties depending on the customs laws of the delivery country. Please advise our Shipping & Returns page for more details.

What can I do if my payment has failed?

There may be several reasons why payment for an order has failed. Please reach out to our Customer Experience team by emailing and we will help you.

Where can I find my invoices?

You receive an order summary in your order confirmation email after you have placed an order. You can also find your order history in your IOAN account. If you wish to receive an invoice, please contact our Customer Experience team at so we can send it to you.

What is VAT?

VAT is Value Added Tax, which is the taxes paid on top of the value from the sale of products or services. Both customers inside and outside the EU pay VAT on their purchases.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

Depending on your bank account it may take up to 14 days to receive your refund. You will receive the refund on the account that was used for payment. 


How can I contact IOAN?

We are always here to help and are open to questions. Please reach out anytime at